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If you rely on glasses or contacts to see correctly, you should consider LASIK surgery. LASIK is a laser surgery procedure that can correct refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure itself takes minutes and it is painless. If you are thinking of getting LASIK, our doctors of optometry at Granite Pointe Eye Inc. in Roseville, CA can help determine if you would be a good candidate for the procedure.

Who Is a Good Candidate For LASIK?

There are a number of factors that would determine if you are a good candidate for this procedure.

  • Your Prescription: Your eyeglass prescription has a lot to do with your ability to get LASIK. If you are nearsighted, this procedure can correct prescriptions of up to -11.00. If you are farsighted, your prescription can be no higher than +5.00. Finally, LASIK can correct up to 5.00 for astigmatism.
  • Your Physical Health: To be a good candidate, you must be healthy. Certain health conditions, such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and uncontrolled autoimmune diseases, could make you a poor candidate. If you are taking immunosuppressant, it can affect your healing, which could make you a poor candidate. Finally, if you are pregnant or nursing, you should wait to have the procedure.
  • Your Age: Your eyes must have reached maturity to be a good candidate for LASIK, which occurs when you are at least 18-years-old.
  • Your Eye Health: If your prescription hasn't changed in the last 12-months, you would be a good candidate. If you suffer from conditions of the eye such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, or dry eye, you would be a poor candidate. Finally, your cornea must be shaped correctly and the thickness will be measured.

Once our doctors of optometry have determine that you are a candidate for LASIK, they will refer to you to an ophthalmologist who will perform the LASIK surgery. Our doctors will work with the ophthalmologist before and after your surgery.

What to Expect After Your Ophthalmologist Performs LASIK

Immediately after the procedure, your vision will be blurry. Your eye doctor will suggest that you avoid close-up work, such as reading and using your computer or phone. Your ophthalmologist may also suggest you to avoid any strenuous activity for a few days.

Our doctors of optometry will want to see you in one or two days after the surgery. They will want to check that you are doing well after the surgery and they will want to check your eyes for any signs of an infection.

If you are considering LASIK, our doctors of optometry at Granite Pointe Eye Inc. in Roseville, CA will perform an eye exam to determine if you would be a good candidate for the procedure. Give us a call today at (916) 797-6747 to schedule your consultation.


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