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Eye Infections

Three Common Eye Infections To Talk About With Your Ophthalmologist Or Optometrist

The ideal environment for germs to flourish is in the eyes. Improper handwashing technique followed by unconscious hand-to-face contact can transfer bacteria, fungi, or viruses to delicate the membranes, possibly triggering an eye infection.

When symptoms of eye infection present themselves, seek treatment from our eye doctors at Granite Pointe Eye Care in Roseville, CA. Our optometry and ophthalmology team can help you feel better fast. Below are common eye infections that need to be addressed by our professional doctors.


Commonly known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is a condition that causes inflammation or swelling in the lining of the affected eye. A discharge may occur, and can stick to the lashes when the eyes are closed, which means sufferers often wake up feeling as though their eyes are glued shut. Eye irritation causes the conjunctiva, or white part of the eye, to look pink. There are several causes for pink eye, and our doctors offer solutions to treat them.

Bacterial Infections in the Cornea

The cornea, which is the clear globe-like membrane that covers the iris, can become infected with staph or strep bacteria. These unpleasant infections can cause redness and blurry vision that makes it difficult to get through a normal day. Without treatment, they can permanently damage your eyesight.


Blepharitis is a condition that inflames the eyelid due to the oil glands becoming clogged. The burning itch and painful swelling can compromise vision. Keeping the eye area clean is the most effective way to treat this infection. However, your optometry or ophthalmology expert can give you antibiotics to quickly resolve the symptoms.

We Can Treat Your Eye Infection in Roseville, CA

Granite Pointe Eye Care offers a range of eye care services that can treat your eye infection. Call our representatives in Roseville, CA, at 916-797-6747 to schedule an appointment today.


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