Eye Care Services in Roseville, CA

Granite Pointe Eye Care is here to deliver a personalized, down-to-earth, and outstanding eye care experience.

Eye Care Services in Roseville, CA

Granite Pointe Eye Care is here to deliver a personalized, down-to-earth, and outstanding eye care experience.

Personable, Welcoming Eye Care Services

At Granite Pointe Eye Care, our patients are the point — our job is to get to know you and comprehensively take care of your eyesight. We designed our entire practice with a patient-first mindset to ensure that we understand you and what you need in equal measure: no matter what you or your eyes may need, our team is ready to help!

Granite Pointe Eye Care’s Friendly Eye Doctors

We’ve built our culture around empowering our eye doctors to take their time with you: getting to know how you use your eyes, investigating your unique case, and making sure our recommendations fit your lifestyle and preferences. You’re the keystone to the whole operation! We don’t just want you to see better, we want you to love solutions that suit your sense of style, comfort, and budget.

Dr. John M. Okamoto, OD

Dr. Allisyn Feucht, OD

Dr. Alyssa Matsuo, OD

Dr. Frances Leung, OD

Thorough Eye Exams

An eye exam is a crucial tool for keeping your eyes healthy, as it allows us to detect potential issues before they can impact your vision. Between our comprehensive eye exam, contact lens exam, and pediatric eye exam, we’ll get a full picture of your eye health and generate a precise prescription just for you.

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Providing Relief for A Wide Range of Conditions

Our experienced eye care professionals are trained to detect and treat a variety of vision issues to keep your eyesight rock-solid. No matter the issue — dry eye disease, glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, or anything in between — our talented team at Granite Pointe Eye Care knows how to manage your condition to give you comfortable, clear eyesight.

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Our Trusted Ophthalmology Partner

If you need ophthalmologic services — like LASIK vision correction, sight-restoring cataract surgery, or reconstructive or cosmetic procedures — we have you covered. We work with some of the area’s most talented eye surgeons, including our trusted partner ophthalmologist, Mitra Ayazifar, M.D. Known as “Dr. Mitra” to her patients, she has extensive experience with all manner of procedures, especially specialized oculoplastic surgery. For all eyelash, eyelid, or eye-area concerns, she’s our go-to!

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Advanced Relief Through Neurolens

We’re proud to offer leading-edge eye care technology like Neurolens prescription lenses. These specialty glasses lenses can correct eye misalignment — the source of many people’s headaches, neck pains, dizziness, and feelings of dry eye.

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Our Patient Focused Eye Care Services

Everyone’s eyes are different, and your eye care should be too, but one thing is consistent across all our treatment plans: personalization. With our extensive range of advanced technology, diversity of services, and curated selection of eyewear, we can be as flexible as we are thorough.

Our Exceptional Optical Shopping Experience

We love eyewear: we don’t just want you to see clearly, we want you to look sharp while you do it! With our amazing selection of eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses, and sunglasses, we have your eyewear needs covered. We welcome you to pick out any frames that stand out to you — or sit back and let our opticians give you a truly white-glove experience. With their knowledge of our expansive inventory and what will bring out your best features, they can curate a diverse array of incredible options to help you find frames you’ll love!

Exceptional Optical Shopping Experience
Cutting Edge Technology

A First-Class Experience with Cutting Edge Technology

We utilize incredible technology to provide an enhanced patient experience, from comfort to outcomes. We start with an autorefractor and phoropter to create ultra-precise vision prescriptions. Then, our doctors get a total view of your eye’s health with digital screenings like our Optos ultra-widefield retinal imaging. And in addition to medications and eyewear, we use state-of-the-art technology in many of our treatments, such as LipiFlow® for dry eye disease. If there’s a technology that improves your eye care, we use it!