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Protecting your vision and selecting the best eye care is an important part of maintaining your health. It is necessary to find a qualified optometrist and a professional eye care team to provide the best care for your eyes.

At Granite Pointe Eye Care in Roseville, we offer a variety of services that include thorough examinations and an extensive selection of designer eyeglasses. There are several important steps to take when choosing the best eyeglasses.


Selecting an Optometrist

The first step to choosing the right glasses and looking your absolute best is selecting a qualified optometrist. You may want to choose a practice that includes more than one eye doctor. Different doctors often have specialty areas, and a team of professionals can provide well-rounded care to meet all your vision needs. Look for optometrists who offer personalized services and take the time to explain procedures and answer all your questions.

Selecting Eyeglasses

Once you have found the right team of eye professionals, they can help you choose the best eyeglasses. The following are a few tips to keep in mind when selecting the best frames.

  • Face Shape - There are several general face shapes, including oval, round, and heart-shaped. Your eye care professionals can suggest the best types of frames to compliment your face shape.
  • Specific Features - Some people what to highlight their eye color or emphasize another facial feature. The size, shape, and coloring of the frames you choose can emphasize certain physical features.
  • Lifestyle - You'll want to select frames that will work with your lifestyle. Do you participate in regular athletic activity or do you primarily need glasses for reading or when you are working at your desk?  You might need anti-reflective coating or stronger frames for certain types of activities.

Selecting Designer Frames

If you are interested in choosing designer frames, there is a wide variety of gorgeous eyeglasses to choose from. Your team of eye professionals should have extensive knowledge of the different designers currently creating eyewear. These types of frames are normally high quality and have beautiful designs and details. You can choose frames that enhance your vision and fit your unique personality.

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At Granite Pointe Eye Care we offer a beautiful selection of designer eyeglasses. We have a team of experienced eye doctors and ophthalmic professionals who can examine your eyes and help you select the right eyeglasses to meet your needs. We also provide contact lenses and offer treatment for conditions such as macular degeneration and computer vision. Contact us at Granite Pointe Eye Care in Roseville to schedule an appointment.


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