Understanding Glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the leading causes of blindness in persons above 60 years old. Although the condition affects people of all ages, it is more common in old age. Although glaucoma can lead to vision loss, regular eye exams can detect glaucoma in its early stages before symptoms set in. At Granite Pointe Eye Inc. in Roseville, CA, we have the knowledge and experience needed to provide our patients care they need to manage their glaucoma. If you suspect you have glaucoma, we can also perform the necessary tests.


What Is Glaucoma?

Glaucoma refers to a group of eye conditions that develop when the optical nerve is damaged due to increased pressure in the eye. 

Symptoms of Glaucoma

In the initial stages of glaucoma, a person may not show any symptoms. Most symptoms occur when glaucoma is at an advanced level. These include:

  • Vision loss
  • Eye redness and pain
  • Hazy eyes
  • Seeing halos

Diagnosis and Treatment

Our optometrists test for glaucoma by dilating the pupils during an eye exam. We then examine the optic nerves to see whether there are any signs of glaucoma. Our optometrists may also perform an eye pressure test. These tests are painless and do not take long. If we catch glaucoma early on, treatment may involve the use of oral medications or eye drops. However, surgery is often the most effective treatment for glaucoma. 

Who Is at a Higher Risk of Glaucoma?

Some people are at a higher risk of glaucoma than others. Anyone who falls in these categories needs to be tested for glaucoma regularly. People who have a higher risk include:

  • Anyone above 40 years old
  • People with a family history of glaucoma
  • People who are nearsighted or farsighted
  • People who have used long term steroid medications
  • African Americans and Hispanics

Can Glaucoma Be Prevented?

It is possible to prevent glaucoma by practicing the following:

  • Always wear eye protection whenever necessary: Severe eye injuries such as sports injuries can cause glaucoma. 
  • Exercise regularly: Exercising offers several benefits to the body, including preventing some eye conditions like glaucoma. And you don’t have to overstretch yourself. Even walking and jogging can be very beneficial.
  • Regular eye exams: Optometrists recommend that you get a dilated eye exam frequently so that conditions like glaucoma can be detected early. Early detection allows you to get treatment before the condition worsens.

Visit Our Optometry Team for Quality Eye Care in Roseville, CA 

Do you have symptoms of glaucoma, or have you already been diagnosed with it? Our team at Granite Pointe Eye Inc. is dedicated to providing the eye care our patients need to maintain their vision and eye health for years to come. We help patients in and around the Roseville area ensure that their vision is not compromised and help prevent their glaucoma from worsening. Call us at (916) 797-6747 today for more information about how our optometry services can benefit you.


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