Macular Degeneration FAQs

Macular degeneration is a very common age-related eye disease. It causes the deterioration of the central area of the retina called the macula. If left untreated, it could lead to permanent vision loss. However, macular degeneration can be treated by our optometrists at Granite Pointe Eye Care in Roseville, CA. We have gathered a few questions that our eye doctors encounter in regards to macular degeneration.


What is Macular Degeneration?

It is a disease of the photosensitive cells found inside the macula causing it to slowly break down over time. It is diagnosed in 80-90 percent of all eye-related diseases. The first signs are yellow deposits that form under the retina. Often, macular degeneration is found in older patients as the deposits become more frequent as a person ages. The macula is very fragile and can leak out fluid which can result in causing rapid and severe damage to the eye and your vision.

What are the Different Types of Macular Degeneration?

First, there are only two known forms of macular degeneration: dry and wet. Yes, a person can suffer from both forms of this disease. There is no way to determine the progression of macular degeneration. It could be either a rapid or slow progression.

Can a Person Get Macular Degeneration in One or Both Eyes?

It is possible to get macular degeneration in just one eye. However, the disease can progress quickly to both eyes in no time.

What are the Potential Macular Regeneration Vision-Related Symptoms?

At first, you will need more light to complete common tasks such as reading a book or magazine. Over time, a blurry spot will appear in the center of your vision field. This blurry spot will expand as the disease progresses. Finally, your straight-ahead vision will become distorted and darkened if the macular degeneration is left untreated.

What Treatment Options are Available?

There are several FDA-approved medical treatments available. First, you will be given a comprehensive eye exam to confirm the diagnosis. Then, laser therapy can be given to help minimize the loss of vision. Injections of Lucentis, Macugea, and Eyles are other treatment options for macular degeneration.

Get Treatment for Macular Degeneration in Roseville, CA

Our experienced optometrists at Granite Pointe Eye Care in Roseville can assist in diagnosing macular degeneration early. Whether you need a complete eye exam, pre- or post-operative care, or need corrective lenses, we can help. Call us today at (916) 797-6747 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.


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