Emergency Eye Care

Receiving Emergency Eye Care During a Critical Situation

Many people can sustain damage to their eyes when they least expect it. This damage can cause severe pain and irreversible vision loss. To prevent additional damage to the eyes and vision, you need to get help from a professional eye doctor. At Granite Pointe Eye Care, our Roseville optometrists are here for you when an optical emergency happens. Let’s take a closer look at what you should do in the event of an eye emergency and how we can assist you during these critical hours.


What to Do When You Need Emergency Eye Care

A couple of eye injuries fall into different categories that require different forms of care. For example, you will want to rinse your eyes out as soon as possible if you came into contact with chemicals. However, you will not want to mess with your eyes if you have a foreign object is inside of them. Removing a foreign object can cause it to move around in the inner eye, which can further damage the eye, and become more difficult to remove. The most important thing you should do is contact our optometry experts here at Granite Pointe Eye Care to receive emergency eye care.

How Our Roseville Optometrists Can Help

Our Roseville optometrists can provide you with various services that will help you during an eye emergency. We will be able to safely flush your eyes if they have come into contact with chemicals. You will receive safe foreign object removal procedures if your eye has an object lodged into it. For lacerations, bruises, and other injuries, we will assess your situation as soon as you get here at our optometry clinic and treat it. You can depend on us whenever an eye situation becomes critical.

We Are Your Emergency Optometry Expert in Roseville, CA

The worst thing that you can do during an eye emergency is to wait longer than you have to. This is why you need to seek immediate medical attention from our optometry experts.

Granite Pointe Eye Care in Roseville, CA, has you covered whenever you need to receive professional emergency eye care services. Your vision is incredibly important, and we want to protect it at all costs. During eye emergency, give our optometry team a call at 916-797-6747 for further instructions.


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